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Wisenheimer are an uncensored long form improv comedy troupe formed in 2011 in Rock Island IL, They travel the country performing at comedy festivals, special events, and theatres.

Leslie Mitchell, Jeff De Leon, Jen Kuhle, and Brent Tubbs have a myriad of improv training from nationally renown institutions in Chicago and Los Angeles. They recently completed a residency at The Establishment performing the first Saturday of every month for over seven years. In 2015, the troupe launched Wisenheimer: The Podcast, available on Stitcher and Apple Podcasts.

Wisenheimer creates memorable characters who weave in and out of unforgettable and intelligent scenes - that can also be deliciously crass - all based on suggestions from the audience.


• 2019 Third Coast Improv Fest // Nashville, TN
• 2019 Compass Improv Festival // St. Louis, MO
• 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival // Scotland, UK
• 2019 Twin Cities Improv Festival 13 // Minneapolis, MN
• 2019 Omaha Improv Festival // Omaha, NE
• 2019 Helena Good Time Weekend // Helena, MT
• 2018 Improv Festivus // Richmond, VA
• 2017 Third Coast Improv Fest // Nashville, TN
• 2016 Crossroads Comedy Festival // Indianapolis, IN
• 2016 Detroit Improv Festival // Ferndale, MI
• 2016 Big Des Moines Improv Festival // Des Moines, IA
• 2016 Green Gravel Comedy Festival // Iowa City, IA
• 2015 C-U Improv Festival // Champaign, IL

All festivals listed below were attended as Tandem
• 2015 Detroit Improv Festival // Detroit, MI
• 2015 Düofest // Philadelphia, PA
• 2015 Twin Cities Improv Festival 9 // Minneapolis, MN
• 2015 Big Des Moines Improv Fest // Des Moines, IA
• 2014 Eau Claire Improv Festival // Eau Claire, WI
• 2014 C-U Improv Festival // Champaign, IL
• 2014 Phoenix Improv Festival // Phoenix, AZ
• 2013 C-U Improv Festival // Champaign, IL


LESLIE MITCHELL began her improvisational career in Phoenix, Arizona, where she performed for seven years with the OxyMoron'z and was one of the inaugural members of the Jester'z Improv Comedy Troupe. There she co-founded the hilariously successful sketch comedy troupe, Dry Heat, alongside Matt Higbee. A move to Chicago, Illinois, began another saga of performing with yet another seven year residence at iO Theater (formally ImprovOlympic), where she was most proud of her team, The Washington Generals. Like every other actor in Chi-town, Leslie worked for The Second City and other productions here and there, and won some international awards writing and performing in the acclaimed sketch comedy show, Girly. In addition, she has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival, Twin Cities Improv Festival, Detroit Improv Festival, DuoFest, Improv Festivus, Omaha Improv Festival, Green Gravel Comedy Festival, C-U Improv Festival, Eau Claire Improv Festival, and Chicago SketchFest. Now residing in Iowa, Leslie is a co-founder of Wisenheimer,  and is thrilled to be playing with ComedySportz, Forge, Full Disclosure, True Story, It’s Your Fault, Survivor, Galentine's Day, and Critical Hit. She is also a co-host for Wisenheimer: The Podcast.

JEFF DE LEON studied improvisation with iO Theater, The Second City Conservatory, Annoyance Theater, and The Playground in Chicago. He's in his 24th year as a performer and instructor at ComedySportz in the Quad Cities, is a founding member of the acclaimed national improv touring company, G.I.T. Improv, and the sketch comedy troupe, Comedy Thingy. Jeff has performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Detroit Improv Festival, Third Coast Improv Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival, DuoFest, Traverse City Comedy Arts Fest, Twin Cities Improv Festival, Improv Festivus, Omaha Improv Festival, Green Gravel Comedy Festival, Compass Improv Festival, Eau Claire Improv Fest, C-U Improv Festival, So ILL Comedy Festival, Chicago SketchFest, numerous ComedySportz World Championships, and opened for the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company. In addition, he has been a guest performer with Chicago Improv ProductionsComedyCity, Tantrum, Midnight Blue, and The Hot Karl. Jeff is a co-founder of Wisenheimer and a performer in Forge, 309True Story, Full Disclosure, Critical Hit, Movie: The Musical, It’s Your Fault, and Shakespeared! He is also the co-host of Wisenheimer: The Podcast, All You Care To Eat: A Comedy Thingy Podcast, and SNAP!: A Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast Mini-Series.

JEN KUHLE jumped into comedy with an improv class at The Last Laugh Comedy Theatre in Des Moines. Shortly after, she joined the cast for their main stage shows and continued training. While in Des Moines, Jen was a member of Trabajos de Manos as well as numerous deathmatch teams where an elusive championship belt was at stake. Jen is an inaugural member of The Holograms, Des Moines’ first all-female improv group. She has performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Omaha Improv Fest, The Big Des Moines Improv Fest, and Improv Festivus. With the Holograms, Jen coached and performed at The Tiny Funny Women Fest in Minneapolis. Following a move to the Quad Cities, she became a member of ComedySportz. Jen is also a standup who shares her daily interactions with naughty children. She has performed stand up across the Midwest where she was a finalist in the 2017 Floodwater Freshest Comics contest in Iowa City and in the finals of the 2017 Speakeasy Laugh Hard Contest in Rock Island, IL.  

BRENT TUBBS has lived, breathed, and devoured improv comedy since joining ComedySportz in the Quad Cities in 1999. He is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory in Los Angeles, California, where he performed with the headlining group Cross, Ross, & Tubbs for two years. Brent has also performed improv with ComedySportz in L.A., Sacramento, and now back in his hometown of Rock Island, Illinois. He is one half of the comedy duo Tubbs & Kelly Present... where they improvise a one act play based on the set of another show. Brent is also a member of the world famous theatre troupe, The Reduced Shakespeare Company. He has toured with the RSC since 2005, where he has been to such exotic locations as Holland, Belgium, and scenic New Jersey. Brent's writing includes a Young Adult novel entitled TUSA, available on Lulu.com. He is an also an avid sketch writer and has written and performed in numerous sketch troupes in both L.A. and the Quad Cities. Brent and his wife are co-founders of The Spotlight Theatre in Moline, IL - the proud new home for ComedySportz as of 2019. He is also a co-host for Wisenheimer: The Podcast.